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Intensive In Community/Behavioral Assistant Services (IIC/BA)

Licensed/Masters-Level Intensive In- Community Clinician

The IIC (under 21) provides intensive therapy for the following diagnoses: Substance Abuse Evaluations and Counseling for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Bi-polar & Anxiety Disorders, Sexual Abuse, Trauma and Attachment Disorders, Domestic Violence, Grief & Loss, ODD & Behavioral Disorders, fire setting and ADD/ADHD.

Behavioral Assistant

The BA (under 21) provides behavioral assistance on a baccalaureate level for the following conditions:

Anger Management, Parent/Child Conflict, Aggressive Behaviors, Communication Skills, Impulse Control, Social Skills, Hyperactivity, Fear and Phobias, Social Anxiety, Data Tracking, Behavior Intervention Plans, Oppositional Defiant Behaviors, Problems with Authority, Decision Making Skills, Depression, Coping Skills, Self-Injurious Behaviors, Self Esteem

Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion Services are required to implement support strategies, provide for health and safety needs and act as a mentor to the individuals they are assigned to serve.

This is achieved by:

  • Participating as an active member of the individuals team, helping to develop community based goals
  • Developing opportunities for the individuals they support to experience and becoming a member of their local community
  • Representing the individuals they support and the agency in a manner that fosters good community relations
  • Executing behavioral support strategies in ways that promote the individual's dignity and human rights

Behavioral Management

We cater to individuals with the following behavioral challenges:

Autism; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Anorexia Nervosa; Trauma; Bulimia; Dementia; Addiction and much more.

Our goal is to educate our clients about their condition; define and set rules and boundaries; use positive reinforcement; chart their progress and modify plan as needed; keep the focus on positive and consistently provide encouragement; set plans for future; encourage family support.

Vocational Services***

Supported Employment

Pre-vocational Services/Tutoring

Career Planning

*** The goal is to provide individuals with services directed at the client's chosen occupation.

Interpreter Services

We offer a wide variety of languages to assist individuals with being able to communicate their needs more effectively and ensure they are getting quality care:




Haitian Creole (Kreyol)






Support Coordination Services

Private Care Management assist you and your loved ones in a wide vary of ways to ensure you receive quality care and receive the right services in a organized and effective way

Services (21+) Include:

1. Discovering the actual needs and aspirations are both short term/long term

2. Creating a plan to achieve goals

3. Assist with finding resources

4. Creating a back up plan to ensure all needs are met.

Respite Services

Respite caregivers allow other caregivers the opportunity to take a break from the duties and responsibilities of caring for a loved one. When caring for someone full-time, it's important to take time off to rest.

This is where respite caregivers take over. Whether hired as a nurse, home health aide or simply as an assistant, a respite caregiver emotionally supports the primary caregiver and physically helps care for patients so loved ones can get relief.

Community Based Supports

Services provided to help the individual live independently with ease:

Community Outings

Youth Groups

After-School Programs

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